Varian Halcyon Treatments Available in Australia


Representing the latest step in Varian Medical Systems’ efforts to expand the availability of high-quality cancer care globally, the company announced a 71-year-old male with prostate cancer became the first patient in Australia to be treated on the Halcyon system at Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC) in Toowoomba by Brisbane-based Icon Group. Halcyon simplifies and enhances virtually every aspect of image-guided volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), and is well suited to handle the majority of cancer patients, offering advanced treatments for lung, esophagus, brain, head and neck, and many other forms of cancer.

In addition to delivering high-quality cancer treatments, Halcyon was built with a human-centered user-friendly design that makes this advanced cancer treatment system more comfortable for the patient while delivering ease-of-use for health care providers, accelerated installation timeframes, expedited commissioning, simplified training and automated treatment.


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