Varian Partners with Penn Medicine


Varian is partnering with Penn Medicine to develop and launch a comprehensive proton therapy training and education program. Comprised of both online and in-person training sessions, participants will have the opportunity to learn key clinical concepts firsthand from proton therapy experts at Penn Medicine. The program will cover all aspects of proton therapy, from patient selection and planning through treatment and follow-up. In-person training and online courses began in January 2018.

The in-person training consists of up to 40 weeks of onsite training at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia. During these training sessions, participants will be able to work directly with the experts in a clinical environment. The immersive program allows for in-clinic observation and live hands-on learning. The online program will offer over 80 different training models designed and led by proton therapy experts from Penn Medicine. The modules cover all aspects of proton therapy from the basics of proton therapy, to beam commissioning and quality assurance, to extensive review of clinical topics and outcomes.

“We are proud to be partnering with Penn Medicine on this new comprehensive proton therapy training program,” said Dr. Moataz Karmalawy, general manager of Varian’s Particle Therapy division. “Continued education and training is playing an important role in the growing availability of proton therapy. Through this new program we have the ability to expand the knowledge and skills of clinicians and therapists in proton therapy around the world.”


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