Webinar Wednesday Free Educational Opportunities Continue in 2018


UMRi sponsored the last Webinar Wednesday presentation of 2017. The presentation featured James McGee, founder of NuclearCardiologyReports.com and Wayne Webster, principal at Proactics Consulting.

The duo discussed and provided useful information for those conducting nuclear cardiology perfusion examinations and requiring IAC (formerly ICANL) certification.

Attendees learned about the new IAC standard for production of reports as well as the IAC certification process and how poorly implemented reporting can scuttle attempts to achieve certification.

The webinar also discussed the impact on clinical operations and revenue generation during lapses in IAC certification. They also addressed how an automated preformatted report program can and should be added to the daily reporting of patient test results.

The webinar received positive reviews via post-webinar surveys.

“I enjoyed the webinar format for this subject … the presenters were extremely knowledgeable about their subject and offered additional information when answering questions,” said A. Bannister, CNMT.

“This was a very informative and educational webinar. I realize now where we could use Nuclear Cardiology Reports to become compliant with Medicare. I am excited to share this information with my leadership and staff,” Nuclear Medicine Technologist T. Jordan said.

Another 2017 webinar “Techniques To Validate Medical Device Suppliers Claims in the Medical Device Industry” was sponsored by Summit Imaging and shared important advice on how to maintain quality in an imaging program.

Summit Imaging CEO and CTO Larry Nguyen and Training Manager Kyle Grozelle shared some of the key factors health care facilities are validating to identify quality medical device suppliers that can support the rapidly changing industry.

The webinar addressed understanding quality management system standards and investigating traceability. Nguyen and Grozelle also discussed certifications that reinforce quality.

HTM professionals from around the world attended the live webinar session and provided reviews in a post-webinar survey.

“Thank you so much for showing us what to look out for. With patient safety, so much is at stake that it is essential we take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and quality of the equipment we use that comes in direct contact with our patients,” HTM Director G. Scarlatis said.

“I thought this webinar was very informative! It definitely helps boost my knowledge about the medical device industry,” said Biomed E. Huynh.

The 2017 Webinar Wednesday series was hugely successful in 2017 with more than 10,000 registrations. Also, approximately 4,500 CE certificates were sent out throughout the year.

The Webinar Wednesday series was also praised by attendees after every presentation, including the most recent ones.

“These webinars provide a forum for BMETs to keep their skills and knowledge about the clinical engineering field up-to-date. It is great that so many professionals are logged on at one time, attending the courses and sharing questions that I would have never thought of asking,” Biomed E. Huynh said.

“I always enjoy Webinar Wednesdays as they provide me with information that is helpful at my job,” Senior Biomed S. Gardner said.

“Webinar Wednesdays – the best way to stay current in the biomedical maintenance business,” added B. Black, BMET.

“I use the webinars to help me with the newer AAMI regulation to keep my CBET current. I wish I would have known about this program earlier, however. These really do help and I learn things too. A win/win situation in my book,” said M. Tassler, BMET.

For more information about the Webinar Wednesday series, including recordings of previous webinars and a schedule of upcoming presentations, visit webinarwednesday.live.


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