Webinar Wednesday: Taboo Topic


The recent Webinar Wednesday presentation sponsored by Summit Imaging left a lasting impression on members of the HTM profession.

More than 300 people registered for the insightful and “eye-opening” webinar “How Low-Quality Remanufactured Parts Inside Medical Devices Increase Total Cost of Ownership” presented by Larry Nguyen, CEO & CTO at Summit Imaging and Kyle Grozelle, manager of global education and training.

“This was an eye-opening webinar disclosing some of the undesirable actions being taken in the industry in the repair of medical equipment. I appreciate the tips on what to look out for and how to vet potential suppliers of repair services,” Biomedical Engineer George S. wrote in his post-webinar survey.

Participation in the presentation was eligible for 1 CE credit from the ACI.

Nguyen and Grozelle discussed how low-quality repaired ultrasound replacement parts and transducers impact health care facilities’ total cost of ownership. The webinar informed health care professionals how to reduce unnecessary risk and potential resulting liabilities as well as equipment downtime, by learning how low-quality remanufactured components can significantly impact the performance and safety of medical devices. These low-quality medical devices are rarely disclosed to health care facilities and negatively impact clinical engineering budgets and patient care.

Attendees shared their thoughts on the webinar in a survey and expressed gratitude for the information and insights.

“Thank you to the Summit team for discussing a taboo topic that is not so well know to the entire industry,” Biomedical Engineer Jesse H. wrote.

“As an engineer at a company that provides replacement and re-certified parts, I feel proud that our company is able to defend our products through validation and verification testing and our QMS through ISO13485 certification,” Quality Engineer Jackie R. said.

“The Webinar Wednesday series makes me more confident in my biomed profession,” wrote Biomed Technician Pavel G.

“I think these are great tools for service engineers who do not have access to training due to location or for those on a tight budget and want to continually update their knowledge in the field,” Pacific Biomed Services President Stan B. said.

“It is my first time attending this webinar site and at the end, I was fascinated with this new type of method. I am from México and I was able to obtain valuable information from my desk,” Biomed Jesus L. shared.

To find out more about the Webinar Wednesday series, including a calendar of upcoming webinars and an archive of previous presentations, visit 1TechNation.com/webinars.


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