Hologic Introduces More Comfortable Mammogram


Hologic Inc. has announced the commercial availability of its new SmartCurve breast stabilization system, which has been clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality, workflow or dose. The SmartCurve system is available exclusively with Hologic’s Genius 3D Mammography exam.

For years, women have reported avoiding regular mammograms due in large part to the fear of discomfort associated with breast compression. In fact, a recent survey of 10,000 women found that fear of physical discomfort was the top reason cited for avoiding a mammogram by women who never had one. With this in mind, Hologic’s research and development team, led by Tracy Accardi, global vice president of research and development, set out to reduce breast pain without compromising image quality or exam accuracy.

The SmartCurve system features a proprietary curved surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and allow better distribution of force over the entire breast. The system also features proprietary image processing algorithms that ensure the preservation of image quality and accuracy. The SmartCurve system, combined with the fastest 3D mammogram available, makes the Genius exam the obvious choice for women wanting a more accurate exam that is also more comfortable.

In a recent clinical study comparing the SmartCurve breast stabilization system to traditional flat paddle compression, the SmartCurve system improved comfort in 93 percent of women who reported moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression. In addition, 95 percent of those surveyed would recommend facilities that use the system. The system includes options to accommodate a majority of women and breast sizes, and can be used with Hologic’s MammoPad breast cushion for even greater comfort.

The SmartCurve system is available standard on Hologic’s new 3Dimensions mammography system and as an enhancement option to existing Hologic Selenia Dimensions systems.


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