Mammography System Allows Patients to Control Compression


GE Healthcare has announced FDA 510(k) clearance of an industry-first, patient-assisted mammography device that literally puts women in control of their mammograms. Senographe Pristina Dueta is an innovative remote control that allows women to manage their own compression during the exam performed on the company’s new mammography system, Senographe Pristina.

In traditional mammography, the technologist performing the exam compresses the patient’s breast, often causing discomfort. Patient-assisted compression allows women to control the application of compression to minimize the perceived pain and discomfort often associated with a mammogram. After the breast is properly positioned by the technologist, the patient can use a handheld wireless remote control to command Senographe Pristina to adjust the compression paddle based on the patient’s comfort level.

Patient-assisted compression is the newest comfort feature available on Senographe Pristina, a totally redesigned mammography system that has replaced traditional design with rounded edges and a thinner image detector to create a more pleasant experience for women as well as armrests that position women to relax rather than tense up during the compression and image acquisition process.


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