United Imaging Announces Rapid CT Deployment to Help Expand Capacity at Maimonides Medical Center

United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced that it has installed a transportable CT scanner at the request of Maimonides Medical Center, the largest hospital in Brooklyn, New York, on the front lines of the...

GVB Medical Secures High-Quality Personal Protective Equipment for American Workers

GVB Medical, a division of the hemp-extraction, manufacturing, and cannabinoid research company GVB Biopharma, announced today that it has secured a supply of 200,000 high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) items for delivery to the American workforce on the...

Roy Lowe Joins CIRS Inc.

Roy A. Lowe, B.S. RT(R)(T) has recently joined CIRS Inc. as sales manager. Lowe is an accomplished B2B/B2C medical device sales manager with 15-plus years of demonstrated sales success with multinational health care device companies, accprding to a press release....

Global Medical Allies Share Lung Ultrasound Solution for COVID-19 Triage

Dr. Robert L. Bard, NYC imaging specialist collaborates with an international group of medical leaders including Dr. Danilo Buonsenso (Rome, Italy) who recently published reports about "ultrasound equipment as an effective replacement of the stethoscope." Dr....

Rad Idea: Continual Learning

As a leader in noninvasive cardiovascular imaging, I have recognized the subjectivity that is intrinsic to our field and health care in general. To mitigate these challenges that chronically exist, standardization is key. As part of a service line, my reach is limited, yet expansive. Each week, I send out modality specific tips and tricks of the week titled “The (modality) Do and Don’t of the Week” to all my staff. I believe it is important to not only teach what is the correct way to do things, but also highlight improper techniques on a certain area, which is considered the Don’t. These Do’s and Don’ts cover topics such as best practice techniques, workflow, compliance and regulatory concerns, quality and patient safety.
I have received satisfactory feedback on these weekly emails as they aim to teach and remind our technologists of the system culture that employees and patients expect to encounter. A large database of Do’s and Don’ts has been created, which will eventually get cycled through to further remind everyone of past topics, while adding new concepts to keep the emails fresh and thought-provoking.

At the end of the day, I am doing this for our staff and patients. An empowered and engaged imaging technologist pays dividends in the form of quality patient care, which is priceless.

Eric Kallstrom, MBA, ACS, RDCS, FACVP, FASE, is a manager of noninvasive cardiology within Baylor Scott&White Health. He promotes quality, education, standardization and patient safety as a leader of several imaging modalities. With a background in echocardiography, Kallstrom has held roles as sonographer, technical director, manager and educator.

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