ICE Testimonial – Desert Radiology Imaging Director

Desert Radiology Imaging Director Nicole Walton-Trujillo shares her thoughts on ICE Magazine, the ICE conference and Reverse Expo.

Real-Time Ultrasound Machine Log Data & Analytics

Are you interested in learning about building intelligence with ultrasound system data? This presentation will present new connectivity technology which enables the distribution of data from local ultrasound machines to a cloud platform offering a window into machine log data analytics.

Operationalizing Imaging System Cybersecurity in IoMT Environment

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) trend has the health care industry believing that medical devices are the next security nightmare.

MRI Coils: Troubleshooting and minimizing common failures

Learn how specific coil models fail, gain insight into minimizing common failures and learn some quick troubleshooting techniques so that costly repairs can be minimized.

Driving Equipment Service Success

This session will discuss driving the results that your stakeholders are seeking from the perspective of an in-house imaging equipment services world in a health care delivery network.

Circus Peanuts

In this presentation, participants will learn about the varied roles within MRI and the responsibilities of each role. In addition, they will learn methods...

Are You Properly Performing Regulatory PMs

This session will discuss proper ways to ensure compliance, common mistakes and best practices and review current CMS requirements. The attendee will learn whether...

How to Transition from OEM to Contracts to In House

This session will address how bringing OEM contracts in-house will result in cost-savings for your facility. By taking on more responsibility within your department...

A Path to Medical Device Security

All of the information out there on cybersecurity can be overwhelming. The health care environment can be even more daunting as we’re not just...

Leveraging Data, Adding Value

In this presentation, participants will learn how to take data that is already gathered for normal service and put it to work. We will...