FDA Seeks ‘Remanufacturing’ Feedback from Biomeds

A little more than a month ago, the FDA released the draft guidance “Remanufacturing of Medical Devices” and asked healthcare technology management professionals, original equipment manufacturers, third-party repair organizations and more to submit comments.

United Imaging Goes “All-in” for Nashville

United Imaging makes its debut at HealthTrust University and its in-person debut at AHRA in Nashville over the next two weeks. At both events, the company will focus on several unique aspects of how it solves pervasive pain points in procuring and owning medical imaging equipment.

TechNation Asks Biomeds to Share Right to Repair Issues

TechNation is proud to support and be an advocate for the Right to Repair movement in the healthcare technology management and health care community. A new web form specifically allows biomeds everywhere to report incidents when an original equipment manufacturer...

Delivering precision solutions for a changing world

Change has been the one constant in nuclear medicine from the beginning, with the steady arrival of new radiopharmaceuticals, new technologies and an evolving regulatory environment. Today, as nuclear medicine expands rapidly beyond diagnostics and into novel...

Writer Profile: Kelly Pray

Kelly Pray is the enterprise change management lead at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in California, as well as one of the writers for ICE magazine’s human resources column titled “Rad HR.” Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in political development and health from the University of California. She earned a master’s degree in health administration from the University of North Florida. Her background is in health care administration with a heavy focus on implementation science, and her certifications include Posci Change Practitioner and Prosci Train-the-Trainer. Kelly is responsible for building out change management as an organizational competency in order to ensure adoption and usage across enterprise initiatives. As a native Californian, she enjoys giving back to her local community and spending as much time outdoors as possible throughout the year. In her free time, Kelly is an indoor cycling instructor at Cyclebar in Los Angeles!

Giving Innovation Infrastructure

By Kelly Pray Cutting edge. Transformation. Innovation. The next best thing. In this new era of technology and entrepreneurship, organizations have begun to synonymize disruption with success. Be careful in your leadership and management of initiatives, that you do...

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